Chief Thedis L. Spencer

Message from the Chief

As Wadesboro Police Chief, I will present a very straightforward vision and philosophy for our Department. I will endeavor to progressively lead the Department with a strategy to tackle the whole aspect of community safety as opposed to merely crime and disorder. My personal philosophy as Police Chief will include the following four objectives:

  • Establish clear goals and objectives
  • Create a positive atmosphere
  • Let people do their jobs
  • Collaborate with other City Departments

Core Values

Integrity – Our actions and relationship with the community will be guided by an internal sense of honesty and morality.

Professionalism – Our conduct and demeanor will display the highest standard of personal and organizational excellence.

Diversity – Our members will recognize differences as a strength in our organization and community.

Accountability – Our duty will be to promote public trust by upholding our obligations to the department and community.

Vigilance – Our responsibility will to be alert to issues and activities impacting our community.