Basic Term Life Insurance in the amount of one times the annual salary is provided for all full-time employees and regular part-time employees.  Additional coverage is available for purchase through payroll deduction for the employee and eligible dependents.


Membership in the North Carolina Local Government Employees Retirement System is a requirement for all full-time and regular part-time employees.  Employees contribute 6% of their annual compensation before it is taxed.  If you leave County service before retirement, you may withdraw your retirement contributions or elect to freeze your contributions in anticipation of future local government employment.  If you have 5 years of service, you are 100% vested in the NCLGERS.


The NC401(k) supplemental retirement program is available to full-time and regular part-time employees.  The County establishes this 401(k) account for each eligible employee and makes a 5% contribution based on biweekly earnings.  Employees may elect to make voluntary contributions through payroll deduction.


The 457 Deferred Compensation program is available to all employees through payroll deduction.  Deferred compensation is a voluntary investment plan to supplement retirement income and to defer taxable income.


Deposit of your paycheck will be made to checking or savings accounts in a bank of your choice.


Local Government Federal Credit Union membership is available to all employees.  Once you join, you can remain a member for as long as you choose.  Immediate family members such as: spouse, children, stepchildren, brothers, sisters, and parents can all become members.


Vacation leave is accrued based on creditable years for service in the Local Government Employees Retirement System. 


For full-time Town employees, sick leave accrues at 8.0/8.4 hours per month. Regular part-time employees accrue prorated sick leave based on a percentage of the full-time benefit. Your unused sick leave balance can be applied as a creditable service toward a service retirement under the guidelines of the NCLGERS.


There are 11 Town recognized holidays per year.


The Employee Assistance Program is open to all employees and their dependents.  It is a confidential service provided at no cost to the employees of the County.  EAP provides certified counselors who administer the assessment and brief therapy to employees who want help with a variety of personal and work-related issues such as stress, parenting concerns, grief, alcohol/drug use, family problems, financial concerns, and work-related problems.

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