The Wadesboro Police Department’s two primary goals will be:


1) to develop a safer, stronger community where it is safe to live, work and visit


2) to build effective community partnerships that protect and improve the social well-being and security of all our citizens.




As with any goal, a course of action must be developed and implanted.  Ours is the following:


 • Address the wider causes of crime and the fear of crime


 • Promote a community where domestic abuse and the fear of domestic abuse is not tolerated


 • Encourage community cohesion


 • Identify opportunities to reduce alcohol and drug misuse


 • Coordinate efforts with the Town of Wadesboro’s Sanitation Department


 • Ensure that each officer is sufficiently trained and educated


 • Identify and encourage police and youth participation opportunities


 • Develop and Anti-Gang activity program at Wadesboro Primary School


 • Develop a senior citizen outreach program


212 S. RUTHERFORD STREET, WADESBORO, NC 28170   |   EMERGENCY 911   |   NON-EMERGENCY (704) 694-2167