Within its jurisdiction, the Wadesboro Police Department has one high school, two elementary schools and a neighboring middle school, totaling just fewer than 2,000 students. The Wadesboro Police Department in agreement with the Anson County school system, have allotted two sworn law enforcement officers to be primarily assigned to the different school campuses and they are referred to as School Resource Officers (SRO).

The SROs are not only responsible for investigating crimes and conducting presentations in the school setting, but they also act as a liaison between the police department and the school system. The SRO is in a unique position in that they have the opportunity to mentor and counsel the youth of the community on not only law enforcement issues but educational issues as well. Due to students being of varying ages and having a wide array of personalities and backgrounds, the SRO must be dynamic and able to make quick decisions that are not only in his/her best interest, but also that of the students, faculty and school system as a whole.

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