Patrol an Area

Patrol Officers monitor an assigned area, looking out for suspicious, unauthorized or illegal activity. They may patrol on foot, bicycle, car. If they encounter any incidents, they do on-the-scene investigations, aid persons in trouble and render other public services as needed

Make Arrests

Patrol Officers have the authority to issue citations, serve warrants of arrest or arrest persons on misdemeanor and felony charges. They handcuff and search arrested persons and secure their custody. They then must complete necessary reports concerning the alleged crime, the circumstances of arrest and evidence obtained.

Respond to Calls

Patrol Officers must be ready at all times to respond to reports of possible crime or emergencies, such as car accidents or robberies. They quickly arrive on scene and work to secure the area, administer emergency first aid and summon necessary assistance.

Enforce Traffic Laws

Patrol Officers are responsible for regulating traffic on roads and checking the speed of vehicles using radar, laser and pacing. They issue appropriate warnings, citations and summons to traffic violators, and investigate all traffic accidents. They also provide assistance to motorists in need of aid.

Interact with Community Members

Patrol Officers are the public face of the police department to the community and work to build up good relations. They regularly meet and talk with citizens, providing information, directions, and assistance. They may visit local businesses to determine needs for service, and schools to build up trust and provide information to students.

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